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Why hire a full-time safety specialist when you can outsource an entire team of safety professionals working for you when you need them at less cost? We have a wealth of knowledge gleaned from servicing diverse business lines which can help you promote a cost effective safety management program. We do that quickly and effectively allowing you to focus your energies on running your organization.

Why not outsource your safety to Your Safety Department, LLC who specialize in a variety of Health, Safety and Environmental areas which can help you energize your safety committee, advise your HR Department on regulatory recordkeeping, help with or lead incident investigations, answer questions about personal protective equipment or provide employee training on a variety of key safety topics. We know how to assess organizations and make the most productive determinations to provide you with the highest quality safety program.

Your Company may well be at risk to regulatory citations, or worse yet, a serious or debilitating injury that could cost your business millions.

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We serve all industries including General Industry, Construction Industry, Oil, Gas and Chemical, Automotive, Marine and Minerals.

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