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Incident Investigations | Your Safety Department

Incident investigations are just hard work. Not only must one deal with determining and mitigating the cause of the incidents but he/she will also be exposed to the human factor of the injured party and/or their family.

Prevention of incidents is always our primary goal but, when accidents do happen significant learning can occur that can help organizations prevent their recurrence.

Our safety personnel are trained to use a number of root cause analysis methods dependent upon the circumstances of the incident to be investigated. Root Cause Analysis methods include TapRoot, events and causal factor charting, change analysis, barrier analysis, tree diagram analysis, 5 Whys, Pareto analysis, and Realtycharting analysis.

Whether your need someone to lead your organization through an incident investigation or just want a third-party advisor to assist with key elements of the investigation Your Safety Department, LLC can help.

Your Company may well be at risk to regulatory citations, or worse yet, a serious or debilitating injury that could cost your business millions.

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